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28757 wafer oven, second hand

тип:SW-O 45
capacity abt. 2.200 pcs/hr with baking time abt. 60 seconds (depending on recipe)
with 45 baking tongs, extensible up to 91
without baking plates

gas heated, suitable for propane or natural gas
with seperated burner rows for upper and lower baling plates
with automatic dough dosing
built on a stainless steel frame
with double walled stainless steel covering, inside with heat-insulated filling
with mechanic pneumatic take-off system
with take-off belt about 2 m length
drive frequency controlled
gas consumption: ca. 6-7 m natural gas/h
gas pressure: abt. 20-50 mbar
gas input pressure: max. 400 mbar
power consumption: abt. 3 kW/h
floor space: abt 5600 x 1750 x 1700 mm
weight: abt 5.000 kg
very good condition
only used for testing

Дополнительные услуги:

По желанию клиента производим полный ремонт оборудования, подгон под ваш продукт, а так же частичную модернизацию, например оснащение микроконтроллером.